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2022 Panels


Kabuki: Theatrical Theft
The Embalming of Mr. Bechdel
Look Out, Look Out, Look Out! Little Shop of Horrors as a Metaphor for Reaganomics
From Nigeria to Egypt: A Brief History of North African Theatre


Aging Out: A Documentary Analysis of the Foster Care System
“To the Bitter End…or Lager End”: The Contrasting Roles of Nostalgia in The World’s End
Black Stories Untold: August Wilson’s Relevancy in the Evolution of American Theatre


The Lost History of Indian Theatre
A Sci-Fi Exploration of Discrimination: Nnedi Okorafor’s LaGuardia
The Rise of the Queer Perspective in Theatre


The Tragedy of Growing Up: Nostalgia in Temporada de Patos
Crossdressing on the Stage: Contrasting Japan’s Onnagata and England’s Boy Actor
Empire: Perspectives in Star Wars