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Sebastián Leyva Save

McKay Keith

The Tragedy of Growing Up: Nostalgia in Temporada de Patos

This work analyzes the Mexican film Temporada de Patos or Duck Season through the lens of nostalgia and culture. It is through nostalgia and its implications that the film delivers a significant statement about nostalgia as a tool for cultural and personal introspection. As the paper describes the film’s realistic characters and how they are used as tools for audience identification, it provides an explanation of nostalgia and the effects on the self.

Additionally, the paper describes how the filmmaker aims to create an inherently nostalgic film to reach the viewer’s childhood experience and create an emotional recall for the audience. Lastly, the paper raises a question of missing cultural context as a critique of itself on Mexican society’s cultural perception of the past. As a whole, the paper describes Temporada de Patos to be a self-conscious journey to childhood and a catalyst for reflection on one’s cultural and personal identities as adults.