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2021 Panels


Peter Weir’s <em>The Last Wave</em> on the Crest of Australian Cinema
Space and Lace: Sumptuary Legislation in England’s Theater culture during the 1600s
Women Directors and Big Budget Action Films
An Exploration of the Inaccuracies in Shakespeare’s Histories


Making an Impact: Women, Work, and Theatre Leadership in 1930s America
”I Don’t Dance”: A Queer Reading of Disney’s High School Musical
The Rise of Independent Film and The Art Theatre Guild of Japan


Complex Characters in Women-Directed Horror
The Usage of Slavery in Ancient Greek and Roman Comedy Theater
Color and Narrative in Punch-Drunk Love: Merging Classical Hollywood Conventions With the Avant-garde Image
Shifty Christians: The Catholic Church’s Shifting Perspective on Theatre


<em>Mystery Science Theater 3000</em>, Audience Participation, and Gloriously Bad Movies
The complexities of incest and pedophilia in films by women
Worship to Wardrobe: A History of Animism in Theatrical Costuming